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Micro Bar

Micro Bar

Schoolboy Low, Black, Width 673mm, Height 75mm, Rise 51mm, Clamp Area 137mm, Sweep 42mm, Control Area 175mm

The Micro Bar makes use of an advanced, abrupt taper to achieve a smaller diameter in the handgrip areas while maintaining the standard 7/8" throughout the rest of the bar. With the reduced-diameter handgrip area, youth riders are able to grip the handlebars more fully and comfortably. This leads to improved control and drastically reduced hand fatigue, giving younger riders the opportunity to ride to their full potential.

  • 7/8" tubing at the clamping area.
  • Reduced-diameter handgrip area, perfect for small hands.
  • Exclusive 2000 series T6 aluminum alloy handlebar construction.
  • Cold-forged aluminum crossbar.
  • CNC-machined 6061 aluminum crossbar clamps adhered with aerospace-quality polymer.
  • High-tech shot peened, stress-relieved, and anodized handlebar finish for unmatched durability.
  • Clutch side handlebar knurling provides maximum grip adhesion.
  • Chemically applied handlebar graphics are scratch- and peel-resistant.
  • Includes crossbar pad.
Part Number: 025039
Color: Black
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Handlebar Bend Charts

Bend Chart

Micro Bar Handlebar

Specs and Technical Information

Bend Width Height Rise Clamp Area Sweep Control Area
Schoolboy Low 673mm 75mm 51mm 137mm 42mm 175mm
Schoolboy Pro 699mm 79mm 72mm 145mm 46mm 174mm
Schoolboy High 673mm 85mm 60mm 102mm 40mm 177mm
Honda Mini 686mm 114mm 89mm 166mm 45mm 173mm
KTM 50 648mm 80mm 72mm 157mm 44mm 169mm