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EVO Handlebars

EVO Handlebars

Woods High, Magnesium, Width 800mm, Height 97mm, Rise 69mm, Clamp Area 211mm, Sweep 65mm, Control Area 180mm

The EVO Handlebar is ProTaper's flagship unbraced handlebar. This design yields increased flex and impact absorption over conventional handlebars, offering the rider improved comfort and reduced fatigue without sacrificing strength. Using a premium 7000 series aluminum alloy construction and computer-profiled 4mm thick wall design, the EVO Handlebar is up to 25% lighter and 45% stronger than competing handlebars.

  • Made from 4mm, proprietary, 7000 series aluminum alloy for superior tensile and yield strength.
  • Best balance between fatigue life, impact strength and impact absorbing flex.
  • High-tech shot peened, stress relieved, and anodized finish for unmatched durability.
  • Independent lab tests show that the EVO Handlebars outlast every other handlebar on the market in fatigue life.
  • Epoxy inner coating resists corrosion.
  • Clutch side knurling provides maximum grip traction.
  • Chemically applied graphics are scratch-and-peel resistant.
  • Plastic bar end plugs keep the elements out and provide a stronger base for grip ends.
  • Weighs only 1.4 LBS. (640g).
Crossbar pad sold separately
Part Number: 020335
Color: Magnesium
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Handlebar Bend Charts

Bend Chart

EVO Handlebar

Specs and Technical Information

Bend Width Height Rise Clamp Area Sweep Control Area
Adventure 804mm 123mm 90mm 109mm 81mm 200mm
Adventure High 804mm 174mm 141mm 109mm 81mm 190mm
Carmichael 800mm 77mm 40mm 195mm 55mm 180mm
CR High 800mm 95mm 71mm 204mm 60mm 180mm
Dirt Track 902mm 144mm 81mm 122mm 127mm 219mm
Factory Suzuki/KTM Stock 800mm 92mm 62mm 217mm 47mm 180mm
Henry/Reed 800mm 92mm 66mm 206mm 57mm 180mm
Husqvarna Stock 811mm 80mm 39.5mm 192mm 51mm 210mm
Pastrana MX/RM Low 800mm 74mm 56mm 203mm 55mm 180mm
Steering Damper Low 800mm 69mm 38mm 217mm 47mm 195mm
SX Race 800mm 87mm 54.5mm 216mm 54mm 195mm
Windham MX/RM Mid 800mm 99mm 74mm 219mm 53mm 180mm
Woods High 800mm 97mm 69mm 211mm 65mm 180mm
YZ High 800mm 84mm 56mm 202mm 52mm 180mm
Race Team 810mm 90mm 49mm 188mm 52mm 180mm
MX Race 812mm 78mm 40mm 205mm 53mm 210mm