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Contour ATV Bends

Contour ATV Bends

ATV High, Gold, Width 813mm, Height 121mm, Rise 70mm, Clamp Area 236mm, Sweep 55mm, Control Area 200mm
  • Reference Flipbook for handlebar specs.
Part Number: 020367
Color: Gold
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Handlebar Bend Charts

Bend Chart

Contour ATV Handlebar

Specs and Technical Information

Bend Width Height Rise Clamp Area Sweep Control Area
ATV High 813mm 121mm 70mm 236mm 55mm 200mm
ATV Low 813mm 95mm 67mm 229mm 60mm 200mm
ATV Mid 813mm 108mm 70mm 236mm 56mm 200mm
Raptor 813mm 143mm 115mm 236mm 87mm 200mm