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Aluminum 7/8" Handlebars

Aluminum 7/8" Handlebars

Mini Bend, Black, Width 730mm, Height 117mm, Rise 89mm, Clamp Area 166mm, Sweep 50mm, Control Area 195mm

Aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum with a shot-peened finish for increased durability. 5mm wall thickness for maximum strength.

  • 7/8" overall diameter.
Part Number: 021146
Color: Black
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Handlebar Bend Charts

Bend Chart

ProTaper Sport Aluminum 7/8" Handlebar

Specs and Technical Information

Bend Width Height Rise Clamp Area Sweep Control Area
High - Washougal 800mm 99mm 69mm 243mm 54mm 190mm
Mid/High - Unadilla 800mm 95mm 67mm 233mm 60mm 190mm
Mid - Red Bull 800mm 92mm 60mm 225mm 57mm 195mm
Mid/Low - Millville 800mm 82mm 56mm 230mm 57mm 200mm
Low - Southwick 800mm 77mm 40mm 188mm 56mm 230mm
Mini 730mm 117mm 89mm 166mm 50mm 195mm
ATV 813mm 160mm 104mm 236mm 100mm 199mm