We take the proper fit of riding apparel very seriously. We want you to have the best fit possible and make a very wide range of sizes to do just that. These fit tips will help you decide on a fit that is comfortable and effective.


Men's pants are measured in waist length inches. We've made our sizing to correspond to your 'regular' pant size. If you wear a 36" waist pair of jeans, then you'll want a 36 FirstGear pant. Our pants are designed to wear 'over' your street pants so you don't have to guess up or down. We also make 'tall' and 'short' sizes and those lengths are in the sizing chart.

Women's pants are numbered in the size chart and sized to wear over your street clothes, so just get the same size as your regular pants.



Use your tape measure and wrap around the chest about 2-inches below your armpit. Inhale.
take a tape measure and wrap around waist below your navel but just above your hip bones.
from your crotch junction, measure to the taper of your ankle. Remember that riding pants are longer than regular street pants to accommodate length and armor placement while in the riding position. A proper fit in riding pants will appear slightly long when standing.


A center-of-chest measurement, above and below the bust line will provide a good measurement.
Pant: Use a tape measure and wrap at the top of your hip bones. Then measure your waist, just below the navel. This combination can be seen on the fit chart. Using your standard street pant size is a good place to start.