Essential Things To Look For When Buying a Motocross Helmet

Essential Things To Look For When Buying a Motocross Helmet

Before you embark on a thrilling, engine-revving-filled day in the sun, you must secure the ideal biking equipment. Read on to learn the three essential things to look for when buying a motocross helmet.

EPS or MIPS Impact Elements

Most quality motocross helmets feature EPS lining, multi-directional impact protection system (MIPS) technology, or a combination of both. EPS, or expanded polystyrene, is better known as Styrofoam (although this is a trademarked brand owned by Dow Chemical). Basically, EPS liners in the inner shell absorb shockwaves from impact, reducing the force afflicted on your skull. EPS is so durable and reliable that it’s often used in food packaging and even building insulation.

MIPSs are popular and innovative helmet safety elements found in many products, from normal mountain biking to professional-grade motocross helmets! This special liner allows the helmet to rotate during an accident to the safest position possible, ensuring optimal reduction of rotational motion transferred to your brain. Often found between the EPS and removable liner, MIPSs act as an artificial layer of cerebrospinal fluid. Ultimately, it’s worth investing in a helmet that features a combination of an MIPS and EPS liner.

Easy-To-Clean Liner

Covering your EPS and MIPS elements is a third liner designed primarily to enhance comfort. Even with superior ventilation and exhaust systems, this liner inevitably ends up soaking wet after a long day of motocross activities. As such, it’s highly recommended that you purchase helmets with removable and washable liners. Simply toss your liner in the washing machine with the rest of your dirt bike attire to prepare for your next outdoor excursion. Plus, most removable liners are quick and easy to reattach inside of your helmet.

Superior Ventilation

Helmet ventilation is key for ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable motocross experience. Luckily, top-quality helmets often feature a plethora of vents and exhaust ports for superior breathability and ventilation. These egress points are strategically located to protect the most problematic areas on your head and helmet. For example, vents placed on the chin component of a helmet direct hot air to the back of your head, preventing your visor from fogging up and providing you superior visibility.

Consider these three essential things to look for when buying a motocross helmet to ensure a successful and satisfactory purchase. Our team at Tucker Powersports proudly carries Answer racing helmet products with many of these important characteristics—browse our selection and get yours today!