Essential Street Riding Gear for Motorcycle Commuters

Essential Street Riding Gear for Motorcycle Commuters

Commuting is one of the most annoying parts of the workday, but it doesn’t have to mean that you’re uncomfortable or unsafe. The right street-riding gear for motorcycle commuters can help them get to wherever they need to go, safe and sound. The right helmets, shirts, and jackets will help enhance the on-bike experience and turn an otherwise boring commute into a nice and easy ride.

High-Quality Helmet

A high-quality helmet is the first and most important thing every motorcycle rider needs to stay safe, whether riding for pleasure or commuting to work. You can either have a full-face helmet or a half-face helmet with goggles, which will help you stay safe in an accident and keep debris out of your face. A normal helmet can help you on the road, but with a high-quality helmet, you can adjust everything, ensuring you’ve got the helmet fastened securely. A helmet that doesn’t fit right or is not properly fastened will only hurt you when you’re out on the road. In addition to helping you stay safe, a high-quality helmet will also feel comfortable on your head and look stylish.

Phone Mount

Another key piece of equipment you need on your commute is a phone mount. Without a phone mount, you can easily lose your way as you navigate traffic and need to distract yourself by pulling your phone out of your pocket. Instead of putting yourself in danger by doing this, you can leave your phone in the mount. It’s a great way to limit distractions and have a clear route to wherever you’re going that accounts for construction, closed roads, and heavy traffic.

Change of Clothes

While motorcycle commuting is quick and stylish, one of the downsides is it’s easier for you to get rained on or sweat too much after riding in the sun and the heat. It’s a sad downside, but it’s easily correctable by bringing a change of clothes wherever you go, or at least a top. With this change of clothes, you can ride in the shirt that you’re comfortable in, and when you get to your destination, you can easily swap into your business-appropriate work shirt.

Motorcycle-Appropriate Clothes

Having a change of clothes will ensure you have clean and dry work clothes, but you need proper riding clothes before you put those clothes on. You must cover as much of your body as possible to protect yourself from the occasional scrape or cut. Also, while a change of clothes is smart, you could go a different route where you wear gear with a waterproof lining over your work clothes. Still, if that’s uncomfortable and restricts your movement, you must keep them in your bag while you wear your normal riding clothes.

With the right street riding gear, you can transform your motorcycle commute into one of the highlights of your day. Here at Tucker Powersports, we’ve got all the motorcycle gear and accessories you need because we only work with the best brands like Speed and Strength. They’ve made modern gear that is both stylish and safe, and at Tucker Powersports, we’ve got all the apparel that you could ever need!